TOEIC頻出単語一覧 | 昇進、海外出張、転勤や転職前に!

単語 品詞 意味 用法
 apply 応募する I would like to apply for this job. (apply to 適用する)
 afford  余裕がある  I can’t even afford a new house.
 amount  量  He can’t buy that amount of food.
 approximate  およそ  The approximate cost will be $300.
 arrange  手配する  She arranged an appointment for the party at 7.
 bill  請求書  They couldn’t afford to pay for their house.
 book  予約する  I booked a hotel room for tonight.
 budget 予算  How much is your budget?
 CEO  最高経営責任者  He was appointed to the new CEO.
 charge  請求する  The bar charged us a fee of extra drink.
 check  確認する  Let me check the receipt.
 colleague  同僚  I went drinking with my colleagues last night.
 committee  役員会  The school committee decided to have another MTG next month.
 commit 約束する I am committed to this project.
 confirm 確認する  Let me confirm your appointment.
 consider  よく考える  I would appreciate if you could change the dates.
 construction  建設 There is a construction site at around the corner.
 convince 説得する I will convince her not to get married.
 contract  契約 ALOHA company just signed the contract.
 convenient  便利な This Aloha website is really convenient.
 due day   締め切り  When was the due day?
 current  現在の I like my current apartment.
 deadline  締め切り  When was the deadline?
 deal  取引  It’s a good deal.
 despite 〜に反して Despite of my effort, I couldn’t convince her.
 divide  分ける Our department will be divided into three teams.
 downstairs  階下へ You can find the vending machine downstairs.
 effect  効果 I worry about the effect of medicine.
 efficient  効率的な That treatment is efficient for the symptoms.
 equipment  設備 Please bring back the equipment and machine tools.
 event  出来事、イベント  The event was held last night.
 except  〜を除いて I like anything except bananas.
 executive  (企業等の)役員 He is an executive of a big company.